AOI new site….

Update MAY 2012

Hello and welcome, you have reached Adventure on Ice Limited.

Adventure is a company owned by Nicky Slater. I have a passion for enabling more ice in Britain. I believe it is an amazing community resource that could be so much more ‘than a rink.’

I had a prompt this year and saw the possibility of making ice happen again. Nothing came off it but I was inspired to design and develop the 3D model you can see on the video here. It was quite a journey and Christiane, my wife, helped with the visual balance and design. I composed the backing music too!

Whilst the video says we are seeking partnership this has changed. If I can help spark more interest in ice I would love to do that but, my focus right now is on music and film and I realise I do not have the time to develop this idea, however enticing it may be.

The only way I could see myself involved would be as an equity partner of a larger enterprise with resource to see this through. I can help as front man, designer and ice expert but then, without resources, you end up with nothing.

The concept shown is much bigger than the Community Ice Rink – which is the key to getting lots of ice up and running and something I aimed to do in the past. However some of the design can be crossed over to a smaller facility.

So enjoy the video and if it inspires you make more ice for your community I would be delighted. The system envisaged is from HONCO in Canada who I know and worked with – they make an awesome building frame for ice.

You can see the video here.